Thursday, March 13, 2014

My fun Fashion haul

Hello Glams,

Happy Thursday from a very windy and chilly Washington D. C. Today I took it upon myself to brave the cold chill and run out to the store and try to do a bit of shopping and see if there were any winter sales and Clarences that I can capitalize on so as to welcome in the new season of spring. Here are my Clarence findings:

I visited Burlington Coat Factory, as it is one of my favorite stores for Clarence items, as I often find that they do a great job with their sales and I found this first necklace which was originally priced item at $24.00, but I got it for $9.99
The shoes were originally priced at Burlington for $50.00 I got them for $24.99
This bag was a must-have in my closet because I'm always wearing this shade of furshis pink and I thought it was an excellent choice when I saw's originally selling at boutiques price at $108 and I paid $40 for it.
These Tops were all from D.d's discount , which is one of my favorite store to shop on a dime. and they all cost $4.99
This hat was also  from  DD's discount and cost $3.00

The sunshades cost $4.98 & $7.00

These two boots were from Burlington Coat Factory and they both cost $24.99

I'm so excited about today's inexpensive findings, can't wait to style these pieces.

I hope you have a wonderful weekend thanks for reading