Saturday, March 22, 2014

Bring it on with the Emerald Green!

Hello Glams, Happy Saturday!

Today we're focusing on staying colorful for spring.

To often many women bring their dull Fall and winter wardrobes into spring. It's ok
to wear black, brown and grey along with your lighter tones, of course, just try to steer clear of wearing too much of them.

If you're going to grab your black leather jacket, please throw it on over a pretty floral dress. And dress up those grey skinny jeans with a bright top, not the black t-shirt you may have been reaching for. If you feel the need to wear a darker color, go with navy! It's versatile and Spring-appropriate.

Now, as you may have expected, there are a few colors we do not recommend for Spring.Blackbrown and grey.




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                  Outfit Break Down
Green Sweater:: JC Penny
Flowered Jacket:: Thrifted-Brand::Old Navy
Green Jeans: Thrifted: Brand Old Navy

Shoes:: Gifted:: Banana Republic