Friday, February 28, 2014

The Party Girl

Welcome to the Weekend Glams.

This post seeks to highlight this beautiful Royal blue bodycon dress that hugs my figure and emphasize my curves in all the right places, yet it didn't cost a fortune. At only $10.00

Tips on Looking like a Million Bucks while wearing inexpensive Clothing:

1.pick out an outfit that best suits you.
2.Try it on, if it doesn't look good on you or is too tight or way too big... simply just DON'T BUY IT! If it does happen to look good and is still in fashion right now, go for it!
3.Get the right color combinations for your skin tone! ie. Royal Blue is a trending color and it compliments my dark skin tone quite beautifully.
4.Accessorize! It is always good to accessorize and it doesn't have to be expensive! It can just be a pair of earrings or a scarf, a beautiful pair of shoes, or even just a cute hair band.
5.Smile! A smile that exudes confidence is the most important of all!

Cheers to The Weekend!
Thanks for Reading
Outfit ::
Top ::  Faux Fur
Royal blue dress:

Shoes ::
Accessories :: Earrings and Rist wear: Dollar Treasures

I Love Casual Friday!

Hello Glams, Happy Friday!
Todays post is surrounding this Chic chocolate brown coat that was a Thrifty find from last weeks Thrift Store find.

The chocolate colored coat is by Marvin Richards and cost $3.50...usually this Coat will be sold at places like Macys at a starting price $150.00 .

Tip of the Day on styling your Thrifty Find:

ALWAYS THINK OF WAYS TO REPURPOSE AND STYLE:  I’d like to think that when you thrift shop, you are able to get some really cool and unique things  of great quality if you put on your “creative goggles.”  If you have the foresight to envision those printed bell-legged slacks as a tailored pair of matchstick pants, or how that plain jacket would look with a set of military buttons, you’ll surprise yourself with the possibilities out there.

                                                                  Thanks For Reading
:: Outfit ::
Coat: Marvin Richards-"Thrifted"
Bottom /:Jeans:
Bag ::

 Accessories :: Earring:
Sunglasses & Hat:

Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Naturally GlamRus, "Sporty Casual."

Naturally GlamRus, "Laugh Until the Sun Comes Up"

Naturally GlamRus, "Laugh Until the Sun Comes Up"

Crop top
$110 -

River Island pencil skirt
$50 -

Charlotte Russe black pumps

Silver handbag

Bead jewelry

Victoria s Secret lip gloss

Manic Panic matte lipstick
$15 -

False eyelash
$3.31 -

Flower candle holder

Naturally GlamRus, "Sweet Talk"

Naturally GlamRus, "Sweet Talk"

Long sleeve shirt
$8.31 -

Blue skirt
$12 -

Beige flat
$195 -

Strappy sandals
$47 -

Stila eyeliner
$22 -

Metal wall art

Naturally GlamRus, Spring Madame

Naturally GlamRus, 'Spring Madame'
Hi Glams,

I am so looking Forward to Spring, This creation is one that I plan to wear to a Spring wedding that will be hear soon. I just had to get started on the look that I would be wearing as It is still snowing here in Washington DC and am ready to get my mind off the cold weather.