Wednesday, May 28, 2014

The Maxi Skirt."Naturally GlamRus."

Cute Outfit of the Day: bandeau tops and Maxi Skirt.

Hello Glams!

Its the start of the Summer Days here in the United States. Am loving it here in Washington D.C with our 80 degree Weather.

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Out-Fit Details

Bandeau Top: $5
bracelets: Dollar Treasures:1 dollar each::$2
earrings: Dollar Treasures: ($4.00)

Necklaces:Dollar Treasures: ($2.00)

Military Women,"Naturally GlamRus."

Military Inspired !

 Hello Glams!

Today's look is featuring this double breasted jacket which is inspired by the military trend that has held strong in the fashion Industry for a number of years.
  Designers like Victoria Beckham and Burberry's  and Christopher Bailey added some militaristic panache to  a few of their collections with dark green hues and bomber jackets. Whether it's a new take on the military jacket, varying shades of olive green or utilitarian boots, I think the style is here to stay. 

 Not ready to suit up? Never fear: There are various ways to wear this trend without letting it wear you. The key here is to remember that it's not only about camouflage. Rather, think of the feminine twist on the style. Women who served in World War II wore fitted jackets that nipped in at the waist, and below-the-knee skirts that skimmed their lower body.

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Out-Fit Details‎( $39.00) ($20.00)
Tights::$9.00) ($100.00)

You're Never to Short To Wear A Maxi!

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Today I will like to talk a bit about why Maxi dresses aren't just for the tall girls.

I am only 5'6 inches, yet I love wearing Maxi dresses. The chief among the problems for women who are not model height? is the length. Many maxi-makers seem to think the average gal is situated somewhere between Naomi Campbell and Tyra Banks. 

 Some tips:

Buy Materials that are Easy to Tailor:

Every petite person should know the word scissors. This Maxi dress that am wearing came un-hemmed, hence all I hat to do to alter the length was to cut of the excess that I did not need.

 Wear a pair of wedge or a lovely pair of heels: 

 The fastest medicine for a too-long frock is a pair of shoes. If you're heading out somewhere nice and can be bothered to wear a heel, opt for a high wedge that looks summery all while being boosted up about four inches.

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OutFit Details:

Maxi ($39.00)‎ ($39.00)
Clutch:: $35.00) $90.00)

Monday, May 19, 2014

Date Night, Naturally GlamRus."