Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Makeup steals and splurges !

Hello Glams,


Today I went out and got a few items to add to my makeup collection. I spent $10.00 and was able to purchase 10 items from the dollar store and 2 items for $46.00 from Urban decay.

However a must have in any girls makeup collection is the urban decay makeup setting spray, it's definitely a splurge at $31.00 a bottle which only contains 1.0 fl oz. while the urban decay prime is also a must it has to be used sparingly for a girl on a tight budget as it only 0.94 fl oz and costs $15.00 a tube.

I am an individual who strongly supports the use of inexpensive makeup products:

 However, certain items like primers and finishing sprays are worth the splurge if you ever want to achieve a clean long lasting look. With my urban decay finishing spray, I can usually get 10-15 hours    Of wear from my makeup without having it running all over my face, due to my oily skin.

Thanks for reading

Naturally GlamRus