Thursday, March 27, 2014

How To Accessories a Floral Dress !

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Floral Print dresses are staples of every fashionable woman's wardrobe. Such printed dresses usually require you to  carefully look at your choice of accessories when creating a look that is put-together without being visually
overwhelming. A Basic floral print accessorizing tip is simply to stay away from to much loud and bold accessories that would tend to clash or take away from the flower print of the dress. 
Creative fashionistas know that experimenting with different accessories can result in many looks from one dress. One way to add pop and contrast to a Floral dress, while adding definition to a look, is by wearing a belt. For multi-colored dresses, women could choose a belt that matches one of the colors in their dress or simply use a black or a nude belt as neutrals works with everything. By contrast, black and white floral print dresses can work with nearly any accessory color.
Shoes& Tights:
When selecting shoes to pair with a floral print dress, women should consider both the look of the
dress and the setting in which they plan to wear it. For warm months, sandals is always a good
choice. Flat or low-heeled sandals are wonderful options for occasions when the wearer may do a lot of walking, such as a shopping excursion. A high heel on the other hand  can take a floral print dress out on the town for the evening or to a dress-up affair. In my case I choose to opt for Boots paired with tights, a fur Vest and Leather Jacket in order to brisk the chilly weather that we are still experiencing here in Washington D.C.

While floral print dresses are staples of warm-weather months, they can transition from cool to warmer weather and vice verse as well. In those cases, you can do what I did which is to wear tights under the dress. You would need to make the right color choice of tight  to create a complete look.
A black opaque tight is best paired with dresses with a black background covered with a pop of bright flowers so as to Maintain sleek appearance without competing with print.

 Other Accessories:
Accessorizing creatively is a great way to extend the wear of a floral print dress. Women can wear boots,, a scarf, and a leather jacket, Sunglasses. a handbag and beautiful complimenting gloves, as am doing with these matching burgundy gloves that compliments the flower pattern on my dress. This combination creates an edgy look to soften a feminine floral print dress. In addition, women can take a streamlined, knee-length floral dress from a casual to a professional setting by topping it with a fitted jacket and work-appropriate heels, such as pumps or wedges.

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Outfit Breakdown
Top: Floral Dress; BCBG
Fur Vest: Kmart
Leather Jacket;;Marshalls
BOTTOM: Opaque Tights::Dots Clothing Store
Boots: Thifited
Accessories: Red stud Earrings: Dollar Treasures
Belt: Burlington Coat Factory