Sunday, March 9, 2014

How do I replicate a designer look for less?

Confidence On a Look for Less.
Happy Sunday Glams!
Todays look is based on this $550.00 dollar Tapework ruby dress by the Designer John Lewis for his collection Phase Eight. Christian Louboutin Metallic Leather glitter toe pumps from Sacks Fifth Avenue @ $1500.00
Total: $2,050.00
Not a very affordable look, but let’s see how I make it work. I first research all the items separately until I find pieces that resemble the look above. When I’m done researching, I put together these items.
DIY Belt($3.00) –
Animal Print Ruby Dress($5.00) -
Lace Accent Crop Top($5.00) -
Glitter Toe Pumps (40.00)
The original look total cost was $2,050.00 and the new look ended up costing $53.00. I was quite excited to be able to keep find the style of shoes that she I wanted, and find pieces that were very much more affordable to complete this look.  I saved $1,997.00 thanks to a bit of research at some of my favorite stores.
How you can do this on your own :
The way to get the look you want for less is to research an outfit from a store or designer you like and expend sometime online looking at different stores and prices until you find exactly what you are looking for at an affordable price. Remember, that it might take a couple hours to find what you need. That’s why many people hire fashion consultants who can find you what you need quickly and  within your budget.


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