Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Winter Layers


                                       Its all About the Winter Layers(Part 1 )


Happy Tuesday Everyone, Here's wishing you all the best as you try to remain warm on this cold day!
Tips on Wearing A Bennie
1.Consider a neutral color. 
I really enjoy Bright chic neutrals like  Black, white, grey, brown, or tan as they tend to work best, when looking at the overall versatile overall of paring my Bennie with various winter looks. Sometimes , when I  do want a color, I'll opt for a classic color, like red or blue, and choose a gem tone or a bold color without gravitating toward neon shades
2. Stick with loose-fit styles. Beanies with elastic in them tend to tighten around your forehead. Aside from being uncomfortable and leaving a red line across your skin, a tight-fitting beanie tends to look a little less fashionable
3.Wearing it off the head style. I tend to wear my Wear the beanie at the scalp line of my bangs. as this this adds a fun sophisticated look and it is stylish.


Thank you  for reading!
:: Outfit ::
Coat & Scarf:: Macys, gloves::Burlington, sweater: Marshalls
Bottom :: Jeans: Old Navy

 Boots :: Marshalls!
Accessories ::  Bennie::Dots, Sun Shades: Ross