Thursday, February 13, 2014

A Ray of Color during Winter!


"Blue Ray"


                    Hello Everyone,  I hope you're all safe throughout this Winter Storm period.
Unlike my last set of posts, this post encompasses a layout of inspirational pieces that are very similar to the ones am wearing. when layering elegant pieces during the winter on a small frame such as mine, (5'6 inches) its about pick a color scheme and complimenting it with similar colors.  I wore this outfit to church last Sunday then went to do a bit of shopping at Marshalls then had a lunch date with my Family.  My entire body was quite warm and comfortable due to the layers and the thick fishnet tights.

 I really appreciate the Classic cut of this  wrap front Dress.  A fitted form that hugged the body in all the right places. This dress coupled with the butterfly chandelier Earrings spoke volumes of my girly personality. Outfits like this one  makes the cold months a lot more fun!




Thank you for reading!
:: Outfit ::
Dress :: Ralph Lauren, Coat: 
Shoes ::

Accessories ::  Dollar Treasures: Earrings, Fishnet Tights & Scarf: