Friday, February 28, 2014

I Love Casual Friday!

Hello Glams, Happy Friday!
Todays post is surrounding this Chic chocolate brown coat that was a Thrifty find from last weeks Thrift Store find.

The chocolate colored coat is by Marvin Richards and cost $3.50...usually this Coat will be sold at places like Macys at a starting price $150.00 .

Tip of the Day on styling your Thrifty Find:

ALWAYS THINK OF WAYS TO REPURPOSE AND STYLE:  I’d like to think that when you thrift shop, you are able to get some really cool and unique things  of great quality if you put on your “creative goggles.”  If you have the foresight to envision those printed bell-legged slacks as a tailored pair of matchstick pants, or how that plain jacket would look with a set of military buttons, you’ll surprise yourself with the possibilities out there.

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:: Outfit ::
Coat: Marvin Richards-"Thrifted"
Bottom /:Jeans:
Bag ::

 Accessories :: Earring:
Sunglasses & Hat: