Wednesday, February 19, 2014

How I styled My Thrifty Finds

Hello Gams, Happy Wednesday. Today's post is an extension of Monday's Blog post that will be highlighting how I have styled one of my Thrift finds from Monday's shopping.

This Blazer was a must get when I saw it on Monday during my Thrifty Shopping day and I taught it would be great for styling with Jeans or Trousers. The Brand is Larry Levine and its a brand that I usually get from places like Macy's, hence its a style that I will wear well into the future as it suits me well. The cost was $7.00.

Here's a few tips I find very helpful when shopping for Thrifty pieces .

1. Always envision how your find will look outside of the drab Thrift Store. Picture yourself in the garment and think of the many ways you would enjoy styling it.

2. Avoid buying pieces that you only are drawn to because they're cheap.

3Only Buy pieces you really like and will get ample wear out off, if not these pieces will just become more clutter sitting in your wardrobe.

4. Always inspect a garment keeping a keen eye on the zippers, buttons, stitches and hems to identify how much wear and tear the garment has and weather its worth being a fix it or  not.

Thanks for reading. I hope these styling tips on looking good while on a budget inspires you to look around for a few quality thrifty pieces while you're out and about this week.