Sunday, July 20, 2014

What to wear to a Caribbean Midnight Cruise.

When you hear the words Caribbean or Island Cruise, please know that it’s actually an evening of fun socializing and dancing.
Here in Washington DC our annual St.vincent & Grenada Midnight Cruise on the Potomac is always on a warn evening in July. The nature of the cruise is an annual fundraiser to support nation building for these two Caribbean countries, hence the organizers want you to have a fun experience so as you may continue to support this worthy cause on an annual basis. The Tickets are $60.00 which also make it possible to enjoy an Island meal on your night out.

Before setting out for the evening, women must take some time to determine what they will wear. It’s a Party Cruise, most casinos today want their patrons to dress is a style known as smart casual which is a balance bet hence you may want to dress in a Fun, sassy Party Attire.

When considering the top pieces to wear. Women have numerous options when putting together a Sassy Island cruise Outfit. This is not a night where you Going for conservative as the cruise usually has over 400 people all dancing at the same time……yes it will get hot even if the AC is pumping.

For many women, the shoes are the most important part of any outfit. 

This is definitely the case when dressing for a night on a Boat Cruise. While many women are quite fond of their high heels, you more than likely should have a pair of flats in your purse. The reason for this is that the Boat will more than likely have multiple party levels with lots of narrow stairs to climb. When wearing high heels, feet become easily fatigued after dancing for a few hours and your options to move freely around on a boat may become more of a burden than a fun free evening as all you will be thinking about is your throbbing feet if you wore heels with no change of flats. When making your shoe selection, do think of style, but also of comfort.

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