Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Bandeau top fashion trend: how to wear it.

Rules to rock the top bandeau for  Summer
Today it's 100 degrees here in Washington DC hence I choose to stay cool with a simply Bandeau top and a maxi skirt. I kept the look monochromatic and added a bronze wedge and Earrings.

Many women find it difficult to wear a bandeau top. Some will say that the bandeau trend isn't for everyone, and while that statement might be perfectly true, there’s a lot you can change about it provide you learn the secrets to an impeccable styling, along with a few useful tips and other smart tricks:
 1. Acknowledge your body type, your assets and your flaws alike, learn what best works for you and what makes you uncomfortable, highlight your strongest features and embrace all the little things that make you unique; in doing all this you’re not only becoming more open to experimenting with fashion, but you’re also bound to figure out the perfect way to make a trend your own, bandeau included.

2. We don’t all go through life sporting the perfect abs, although it is entirely fine to work out hard trying to achieve them; the trick in rocking the bandeau this summer is to only expose as much stomach as you feel comfortable with. It can be a peek, it can be a whole lot more, the most important thing is feeling great while doing so, after all isn't that the point of adopting a new trend?

Wearing the bandeau as the outer layer often means bearing much of the entire stomach in giving the trend a spot-on interpretation. Here’s where a pair of toned abs and a glowing skin would serve you just right, turning the bandeau into an amazing option, particularly for those hot summer days.

Thank you so much for reading!
:: Outfit ::
Top ::$3.99)
Bottom :: ($9.99)
Bag ::  ($9.99)
Shoes :: ($39.00)
Accessories :: Craft Shop in Trinidad & Tobago ($10.00)