Friday, September 12, 2014

What To Wear to School, My Teaching Looks for the Week

Let's face it, dressing for life as a teacher can be difficult. I am an elementary Teacher at the Kindergaten Level and it's important for me to look professional yet stylish and practical all at the same time. the way I style my looks depends on the classes i teache for the day. My students attend Library Special on A Monday Vs PE on a Thursday hence i may bej able to wear a kitten heel shoe on a Monday but not on a Thursday. Not to mention, all teachers spend a lot of time on their feet and need to be comfortable from the first bell to the last, hence my Shoe collection for work is very basic with flats and kitten heels at most times.

Whether you're looking to do some back-to-school shopping or just remix your closet, Here are my  teacher fashion Looks for this week.

  1. Mix and Match: On a Monday Morning I like to wear a colorful look into the classroom so as to shake of that dreary Monday Morning feeling.

  1. Its Plain as Black and white: the Black and white can be a fun way to incorporate some polka dots and zebra stripes to bring more interest to a simple pallet of colors.


3.Mid Week Color Boast:  This Wednesday Look scream colorful and fun, The Hair is tucked away to minimize the distraction with this loud color dress allowing the beautiful necklace to stand on its own.

  1. Teachers have lives to: Today am celebrating my Birthday and I wanted a look that could easily transition from daytime work look to date night with the hubby.


Do you have any favorite from this weeks looks. Please feel free to share and leave your comments.  Tell me about how you decide what to wear to school in the comments.