Saturday, August 9, 2014

The unveiling of my new camera, the Nikon L320

Hello Glams,
Happy Saturday,
Today I received my new Camera and my 5 year son, (my Photographer) was more excited than I was about a  16.1 megapixel exciting..........
The Shots are much better than that of my Camera phone. The ability to recieve a clean, crisp picture is evident in all of these shots.

 The scree on the camera is a simply one which allows you to view your shots during and after you took them in good detail. But to be honest who cares if the screen on the camera is good, we only should really care about picture quality!

 Overall I am super happy I bought this camera. It is quite sturdy and has no trouble being tossed in a backpack or being treated rough and tough by my toddler. It comes with a camera strap and lens cap which are both of high quality. The camera it self seems very well put together and has that Nikon feel.I am quite sure that you guys are going to enjoy a lot of my wonderful photos.

Thanks for reading