Friday, April 4, 2014

From the Office to the Outdoors!

 Hello Glams!

Happy Thursday! Todays weather here in Washington D.C is quite over cast and calling for lots of rain therefore I thought it would be a perfect opportunity o highlight how to dress practical for spring and still look sophisticated even when its a rainy day in spring.
Tips on Transforming that office look to a chic casual and practical look that is perfect for the weather outside:
  • Always be prepared for the weather of the day by having the essentials that you need to be practical and ready: am wearing my suede boots to the office, but am keeping my rain boots handy so as to be ready for the heavy downpour of the day.
  • You can wear black in Spring, but simply accessories with bright Spring colors. This orange coat and bag is doing the trick for me.
  • Be creative with you accessories, I've added these layered pearls to add a touch of sophistication.





Thank you so much for reading!
:: Outfit ::
Top :: Talbots Jacket:(Thrifted $5.00) 
Bburberry Top:: (Gifted)
Bottom :: Bermuda shorts:: (Old Navy: Thrifted $4.00)

 Bag :: Women's Elena Tote : ($16.99

Shoes  ::Kenneth Cole boots  from::( Sale 35.00
Rain Boots:( $15.00
Accessories :: Belt:: ($2.00, Necklace )