Saturday, April 12, 2014

Fashion tips & ideas for an hourglass body figure!

Hello Glams, Happy Saturday!
Today am wearing a bodycon dress that is emphasizing my curves; hence I want to talk a bit about what is an hourglass figure and why we should dress to best emphasize and compliment our body figures. My measurements are: 34 Bust, 25 waist and 35 hips. Any  woman can have an hour glass figure regardless of their weight. A common misconception is that am over a certain weight hence my figure is not an hour glass. 

Characteristics of hourglass body shape

The characteristics of hourglass body type include a wider hip and bust contrasting with a very narrow and slim waist. The equal measurement of the hips and the bust along with a trimmed waistline results in a very curvy figure-a traditional hourglass-like figure - that is prized by women from time eternal.

What clothes should hourglass shaped women avoid

Not every piece of clothing is made to suit a body type. One also needs to know what to avoid.
  • Don't hide the neckline- What is a big no-no for this body type are the turtlenecks or the high-necked tops.
  • Do not play with colors - Do not mix too many solid colors or prints in the case of separates. That makes the body look as if it has been dissected in half at the waist.
  • Don't go to short - Short skirts pull attention to the hip area that makes it look rounder and big.
  • Avoid baggy - Loose and ill-fitted pants make the bottom look big. Only a bit of flare at the bottom of the pants looks good.
  • Short jackets - Jackets that hang around the widest part of the hips should be avoided. Rather ones which are longer and go below your hips should be worn.

What Type of shoes should be worn with this body type:

Shoes - Style options remain incomplete without wearing the right kind of shoe. Wrap it up by wearing shoes with heels. These help in lengthening the look of the hourglass figure.

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