Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Wearing Shorts In The Winter

How to Wear Shorts In The Winter
When wearing shorts in the winter Choose shorts in a heavier fabric, such as wool, tweed, corduroy, brocade or even denim, and layer it with a fun pair of tights.

Another thing that may sway some from trying out this trend of a wearing SHORTS in the winter, is the cold. A way to combat this issue is to Layer up with multiple pairs, with two pairs of tights or even wear a pair of leggings (or 2!) underneath. Another option is to add on a warm Puffer coat that gives the body extra warmth.

Accessorize with a hats, berets, sunglasses and a cross Body bag.

As for footwear, wear a bootie or tall boot, unless you are going to a formal event.

Overall I think the main challenge of wearing shorts and tights is having the confidence to try out and pull it off. So if you’re hesitant, my advice is to take the plunge, rock with confidence, and see how it goes — they’re only clothes, right? If you don’t love something you don’t have to wear it again — that’s what’s so great about fashion!