Saturday, January 25, 2014

Leather and Stripes

Leather Jacket & Casual stripes with Leather Embossed Jeans!

Happy Saturday everyone!  I’m Wearing some of my favorites today – a Leather Jacket blazer and Black and White stripes. The Leather Biker inspired Jacket has become one of the most staple pieces in my wardrobe.  From casual to dressing styling, it’s incredibly versatile and timeless.

 Normally I like Black leather jacket because this color works well on everyone including me. I enjoy styling my leather jackets over a maxi dress and with denim. There’re So many other ways to wear too it.



Thank you so much for reading!
Outfit :
Stripped Top & Leather Jacket:
Leather embossed Jeans:
Black Booties:
 Accessories: Silver Hoop Earrings, One &Only Boutique, Forestville MD