Monday, November 10, 2014

Bringing Life to a Grey Sweater Dress!

Happy Monday Glams! I have Finally gotten around to putting up a few new shots for fall, and this is one look that I absolutely love. A simple sweater dress in a neutral color, complemented by a cardigan or a fall throw that is mixed with faceted multicolors.

I was so excited to find me a pair of these lace up thigh high boots. I just got them and I was dying to wear them and I was so excited that they complemented this dress so well. It added life to this look and give it a very edgy and sophisticated feel all at the same time.

Although my crochet braids are four weeks old they still looking very great and I really enjoyed pinning them up and letting my face be highlighted in this look.

          Thanks for reading.
              Outfit details:

 Sweater ($10.00)

Boots:: Bekelles shoes ($44.99)$19.00) ($49.00) ($3.00)